What We Stand For

The American Solidarity Party of Kentucky upholds the sanctity of human life, the necessity of social justice, responsibility for the environment, and the hope of a more peaceful world. We champion a consistent life ethic, a just economy, and civil liberties for all.


Kentucky Values

The American Solidarity Party of Kentucky is the only active  Christian Democracy party in the Commonwealth.  We seek to promote the material and spiritual welfare of all Kentuckians.  Inspired by a Christian worldview that is part of the heritage of the Commonwealth, we strive to bring all Kentuckians together, regardless of our differences, by respecting the dignity of every person.

A Third Way

The American Solidarity Party breaks the barriers of a two-party system. We offer a positive vision of the common good that is antithetical to partisan politics because all citizens should be able to vote without compromising their conscience.

Right to Life

The American Solidarity Party of Kentucky advocates the right to life for all humans from conception until natural death, including:

    • Adequate social services and income support for women, children, the elderly, immigrants, and other vulnerable persons.
    • Laws to protect the rights of unborn children and support mothers.
    • Laws and policies that reduce the incidence of violent crime.
    • Strict accountability in the use of lethal force by officers of the peace.
    • The abolishment of capital punishment.
    • Access to affordable healthcare for all.

Social Justice

The American Solidarity Party of Kentucky supports social and economic justice, including:

    • Public assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.
    • Laws that allow people of all faiths to practice their religion without intimidation.
    • Anti-discrimination laws that provide equal access to the polls, the courts, housing, education, and credit.
    • Building an economy that is just, transparent, and democratic.
    • The restoration of rights for former felons as well as programs that prepare prisoners for life outside the prison.
    • A robust social safety net for impoverished Kentuckians

Environmental Protections

We seek to protect the environment and natural resources in Kentucky by supporting:

    • Models of production and distribution that are local, responsible, and sustainable.
    • A cap-and-dividend approach to regulating greenhouse emissions.
    • Safe, renewable sources of energy along with job training in these industries.
    • Protecting our state’s forests and nature preserves.
    • The preservation of small, local farms.
    • Humane care for animals and stricter regulations of factory farms.
    • Improved community access to recycling, composting, and waste removal.

A More Peaceful World

We strive toward lasting, global peace through:

    • International cooperation and prudent restraint in the use of military force.
    • Ending unilateral military intervention in foreign countries except as a response to an actual or imminent attack on the United States.
    • A non-interventionist foreign policy that rejects the use of lethal drones.
    • Resources for veterans, military personnel, and their families.